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Reflect. Refresh. Reform.

Five times a year we replace our normal Sunday morning service with ReFill, while the children attend Explore in the Centre.

ReFill has a relaxed, cafe atmosphere (with bacon butties and real coffee!) and does away with the usual trappings of church -  singing, prayers, sermon and so on. Instead an interesting guest speaker takes over and shares with us how God is working in their lives, stimulating challenging discussion.

You don't need to be a Christian to enjoy and hopefully benefit from ReFill.


Dates and speakers for 2017 are:

  • 22 January - Jackie Fletcher from ‘Above us only sky?’ - a Christian charity that looks to see every homeless person provided with a military standard all weather sleeping bag.
  • 19 March - Mike Biddulph from London Reclaimed - a Christian charity that makes bespoke furniture out of reclaimed wood whilst providing training and support for young people - reclaimed furniture, reclaimed lives.
  • 21 May - Paul Bell, a singer songwriter from Nottingham who takes part in events such as the Big Church Day Out. The topics of his songs range from biscuits to struggles with some of the big unanswered questions of life. There will also be a concert with Paul on Saturday 20 May.
  • 17 September - to be decided
  • 19 November - Lara Bundock from The Snowdrop Project - the first charity in the UK to provide long-term, follow-on community support for survivors of human trafficking in all its unpleasant forms.
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Luke Bacon at ReFill in 2016

Luke Bacon at ReFill in 2016

 CBC - seeking to be an authentic community of disciples, becoming more like Jesus - walking in step with God, alongside each other and seeing lives transformed 
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