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Listen again, spring 2018

Jesus is good news!

A walk through Mark's gospel from Comberton Baptist Church

Podcast category: Religion & Spirituality > Christianity

25-Mar-2018: Jesus reigns

Mark 11, preacher Mandy Gilbart Smith

18-Mar-2018: Jesus foretells

Mark 13, preacher Keith Tarring

11-Mar-2018: Jesus serves

Mark 10:35-45, preacher Graham Seed

25-Feb-2018: Jesus teaches

Mark 7:1-23, preacher Keith Tarring

18-Feb-2018: Jesus provides

Mark 6:30-44, preacher Mandy Gilbart Smith

11-Feb-2018: Jesus heals

Mark 5:21-43, preacher Keith Tarring

4-Feb-2018: Jesus forgives

Mark 2:1-12, preacher Keith Tarring

21-Jan-2018: Jesus authorises

Mark 1:21-28, preacher Mandy Gilbart Smith

14-Jan-2018: Jesus calls

Mark 1:14-20, preacher Keith Tarring

7-Jan-2018: Jesus is ...

Mark 1:1-13, preacher Keith Tarring

Jesus is good news!

Mark begins his account of Jesus' life with the words, "The beginning of the good news about Jesus the Messiah, the Son of God...". But what was it about Jesus that made him good news?

This term, we're going to be looking at different aspects of Jesus' character - some of the things that he said and some of the things that he did - and asking the question 'how is this good news?' Not just good news for Mark but also good news for us, today.

This series will take us right through to Resurrection Day and includes Maundy Thursday and Good Friday - indicated by * on the programme.

7 Jan Jesus is ... Mark 1:1-13
14 Jan Jesus calls Mark 1:14-20
21 Jan Jesus authorises Mark 1:21-28
4 Feb Jesus forgives Mark 2:1-12
11 Feb Jesus heals Mark 5:1-43
18 Feb Jesus provides Mark 6:30-44
25 Feb Jesus teaches Mark 7:1-23
11 Mar Jesus serves Mark 10:35-45
18 Mar Jesus foretells Mark 13:1-37
25 Mar Jesus reigns Mark 11:1-26
29 Mar* Jesus prays Mark 14:32-41
30 Mar* Jesus dies Mark 15:1-47
1 April Jesus is risen Mark 16:1-20

Note: no sermons recorded for Maundy Thursday (reflective service), Good Friday (reflective service) and Easter Sunday (all-age service)

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