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Listen again, autumn 2018

Sermons from the latest series can be heard or downloaded from this page.  There are also links to previous series and the old "listen again" page.

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Rise and Fall

Stories from 2 Samuel

Podcast category: Religion & Spirituality > Christian

9-Dec-2018: David's Sacrifice

2 Samuel chapter 25, preacher Mandy Gilbart Smith

2-Dec-2018: Sheba's Rebellion

2 Samuel 20, preacher Keith Tarring

18-Nov-2018: David's Troubles

2 Samuel 15-19, preacher Keith Tarring

11-Nov-2018: Absalom's Revenge

2 Samuel 13,14, preacher Keith Tarring

28-Oct-2018: David's Sin

2 Samuel 11:1-12:31, preacher Mandy Gilbart Smith

21-Oct-2018: David's Faithfulness

2 Samuel 9:1-13, preacher Mandy Gilbart Smith

7-Oct-2018: God's House

2 Samuel 7:1-29, preacher Keith Tarring

30-Sep-2018: God's Worshipper

2 Samuel 6:1-23, preacher Graham Seed

16-Sep-2018: God's People

2 Samuel 2:8 - 5:25, preacher Keith Tarring

9-Sep-2018: God's King

2 Samuel 1:1 - 2:7, preacher Keith Tarring

Rise and Fall

Stories from 2 Samuel

Our journey through the Old Testament brings us to the second half of Samuel. 2 Samuel plots the rise and fall of king David. 2 Samuel is another of those Old Testament books that rarely gets preached on, but that doesn't mean to say there are no interesting stories or things we can learn from it! It is full of people doing horrible things as they try to promote or protect their own interests, and yet through it all God is at work.

After a promising start as king, where David obeys and praises God, he then makes a series of terrible mistakes. As a result, his reign goes into decline. Yet a gracious God makes a promise to the repentant David - a promise that points towards the Messiah, Jesus.

9 Sep God’s King 1:1-2:7
16 Sep God’s People 2:8-5:25
30 Sep God’s Worshipper 6:1-23
7 Oct God’s House 7:1-29
21 Oct David’s Faithfulness 9:1-13
28 Oct David’s Sin 11:1-12:31
11 Nov Absalom’s Revenge 13:1-14:33
18 Nov David’s Troubles 15:1-19:43
2 Dec Sheba’s Rebellion 20:1-26
9 Dec David’s Sacrifice 24:1-25

All references are from the Old Testament book of 2 Samuel

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